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Private Label Tissue

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Step 1

While navigating our site, select products that you want to customize

Step 2

Check the specs or get suggestions from our sales engineers.

Step 3

Provide your customized specs and your design, confirm final quotation.

Step 4

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Why Choose Bamboo Toilet Paper?

A Small Change Makes World Better
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Tree-Free
  • Plastic Free
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Rapidly Renewable & Sustainable
  • BPA Free, Chlorine Free, De-inking agents Free
  • More About Bamboo You May Concern

    Bamboo VS Recycled

    Both Bamboo & Recycled Toilet Paper are ECO Friendly, but Bamboo is natural material while recycled could have De-inking agents and other chemical residue.

    Bamboo VS Wood

    Bamboo is rapidly renewable, much environmental friendly than wood. Bamboo sequesters 4 times more carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen than trees.

    Bleached VS Unbleached

    Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) bleaching processes is harmless, most people like white color, but unbleached bamboo toilet paper is more and more popular

    Why Naturebaby?

    20 Years Experience of Bamboo Toilet Paper Manufacturing

  • Professional in Private Label Service
  • 100% Focus on OEM Manufacturing
  • On Time Fast Delivery
  • FSC, FDA, AP and ISO Certificated
  • Transparent Pricing
  • As a professional private label toilet paper manufacturer,
    How we can help customers success


    Successful experience of a subscribed brand in China

    Naturebaby was found with mission of providing Natural and Healthy products to customers, and we call on everyone to use bamboo toilet paper instead of wood based to protect the environment. Our products inlcude bamboo toilet paper, paper towel, facia tissue, paper napkin and pocket tissue with the top quality standard.

    Thanks to our quality, now We have over 500,000 subscribed customers, distribute all over the Country, they are happy to be our brand spokesmen.

    Professional Private label
    Toilet Paper Manufacturer

    Buds Paper Ltd was found under mission of “A Small Change Makes World Better”, which is a professional bamboo toilet paper manufacturer with more than 20 years manufacturing experience,

    We have own Brand “ Naturebaby” for domestic market, and start to export from 2020, to provide full custom specifications and Private Label of premium bamboo tissue paper.

    Customized Packings

    Individual Paper Wrapping, Biodegradable Plastic Wrapping, Kraft Paper Box, Kraft paper tape

    What customers say

    Very good products and service, success together in bamboo toilet paper business.
    Carlos Jimenez
    It’s really easy to start my own brand, thanks to your professional team.
    Vsevolod Genzel
    I am satisfied with your quality of ECO friendly bamboo tissue, so as my customers.
    Jeroen Grolleman